Bezau Beatz 2019 – August 8 to 10, 2019

Dear Audience

It gives us great pleasure to announce the 12th edition of BEZAU BEATZ. Our memories of last year’s edition are still very much alive. The ever-present positive atmosphere amongst artists, musicians and you, dear audience, continues to inspire and motivate us to stay true to our motto: the collective enjoyment of live music beyond the musical mainstream.

Music is multidimensional. It can entertain, emotionally challenge and enchant us. Here at BEZAU BEATZ we create a space where improvised, composed and traditional forms of music meet and a new and contemporary form of music emerges.

And so too this year, we will take you on a musical roller coaster ride. Brace yourself for the dizzying heights, the soaring falls, the rapid curves and the surprise turns that await you at BEZAU BEATZ 2019.

Alfred Vogel and the BEZAU BEATZ Team.

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Mostly Other People Do the Killing Peter Evans Ensemble (USA) Sudden Infant (CH / D) Near East Quartett (Südkorea) Joke Lanz & Christian Weber (CH) Bode Wilson (Portugal) Harry Marte / Brendan Adams Théo Ceccaldis Freaks (FR) DJ-Ride with the Wälderbähnle Intensivstation Trixie Whitley (USA) Jazzbrunch: XY Quartett (IT) Santos Silva / Zetterberg / Lindwall Leni Stern 3 (USA) feat. Leo Genovese Oli Steidle & the Killing Popes (GER / GB) Alabaster De Plume (UK) Vula Viel (GB)

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